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Custom Prints | Perspex

Perspex Prints are perfect for both personal pictures as well as artworks. Custom sizes and thickness offer you amazing colour and image depth

Custom Prints | Canvas

Canvas prints are a timeless classic. Using a high end cotton canvas with UV inks that dont fade, our canvas prints are custom built to your specifications

Custom Prints | Glass Stands

A truly unique product offered by creative lamb, glass stands are an artpeice before you add your amazing print to the glass

Custom Prints | Cork Board

Through the use of state of the art technology, cjm can print directly onto glass at magazine quality. We can reproduce anything from rich black and white photos to full colour images, graphics, patterns, textures and illustrations with pinpoint accuracy. The result is a high quality print that is durable, permanent, scratch resistant, fade resistant, UV stable and waterproof.

This innovation offers an exciting and superior alternative to adhesive films, interlayers and decals without restrictions to artwork, design and creativity.

Use printed glass to tie in the intangable elements of space whilst creating a look and feel that is individual, unique, contemporary, sophisticated and inspiring.

Custom Prints | Boards

For Custom sizes and materials, please contact and go through your specfic requirments. Max print width is 1550mm with the length reqtricted by stock size and transport restrictions.

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